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Name: retsquid95

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The Jackson Big Rig is the fishing kayak I was looking and hoping for. For an older angler with mobility issues this kayak is as stable as you could wish for. The advertising claims you can stand up and walk around in it... absolutely true!

The seat can be used in two positions, high and low. I usually keep it in high position, unless I need more power for going against current or tide. The seat is the most comfortable kayak seat I have ever placed my tail end on...and it stays dry. The ability to stand for sight fishing or just to stretch out is amazing. You can use a strap to help yourself stand up but I have found if you have the seat in the high position you can just stand up.

The stand up bar was useful in the beginning before I came to realize how stable the boat is. Sort of nice to lean against when taking a picture but am considering taking it out as it sometimes gets in the way.

The kayak moves and tracks well on the water. It is very maneuverable and has a decent glide after your last stroke. But, do not expect to win any races with it. To pay for the stability you have to give up speed. In any group I have been with on the water I will be tail end Charlie. But to me, that is a price I am willing to pay for feeling comfortable in my kayak.

My only area of discomfort with this kayak is the weight. I went into it knowing it was heavy, about 100 pounds, and it is just difficult to move around on land. I have good racks on my car and have to put a blanket on the back of the car to slide it up onto the racks. It is easier getting it into the back of a pick up truck but is just generally cumbersome on land. If your launch point is a good distance from where you park then I suggest you get some wheels for it.

Overall, this is a great kayak for someone who enjoys a day of fishing or just a comfortable day on the water!