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Name: badmoose61

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Not my first kayak, But this is my first Jackson kayak. I'm no little person by any means at 6' and 355 lbs. This thing still floats in very shallow water. While the Big Rig is no light weight or a speed demon it gets the job done in comfort.

I will trailer it to make it easier to handle alone, But for now I can get it on and off the roof rack alone.(figure out a rope trick)

The Big Rig has lots of storage, and once I get home I just pack everything up in the kayak and it's all right there waiting for me next time I go out. For me it tracks and paddles straight even without a rudder. It's a smooth ride easy to get in and out of.

This is opening up bunch of new fishing spots for me. I absolutely love fishing out of it.

If you're a bigger person I would say go try one on for size, you have nothing to lose and I would bet you'll buy it.

Was able to borrow a Versa board for an afternoon of fishing here in WI. The Versa board is very stability as a kayak or as a SUP. Sit down and zoom to where you want to fish, the rudder really helps you keep you moving straight. The tag along wheel makes it so easy to move and nice not to drag the bottom along. Pros The swivel seat was a day saver, I can only stand so long and having the option to sit down on and off was great. Flips up and out of the way when you’re on your feet fishing. Cons Would like to have had a strap or something to help stand and sit. Or maybe a bar that would fold down. Usage Fishing along the Fox River.